Should I Paint My Fence or Stain It?

Pros and Cons of Painting and Staining Your Fence

Wood fences are great, but when it gets down to it, wood is wood. And it often looks a bit plain. The way to add variety to your fence is by customizing it, either by a stain or by paint. Each choice has benefits and deficits, so think through it before you lock onto a decision about decorating your fence.

Many people paint their fences in order to make them different and stand out. When it comes to paint, there are so many different colors to choose from. The decision when it comes to paint colors are as wide as you allow your imagination to be. With that being a big plus, paint does have some cons. Paint can chip and peel very quickly because even outdoor paint has trouble standing up to harsh weather. Use a paint made specifically for the outdoors for the best result.

Staining can add a very desirable look to your fence just as it does to hardwood floors. There are many types of stains, including stains that show off the natural grain in the wood. Staining isn’t just a cosmetic addition however. Staining protects your fence from water damage and makes it more resistant to rot, mold, moss and mildew. There aren’t as many color choices as there are with paint, but stains come in colors like blue, green, and yellow as well.

Process For Painting Wooden Fences

A DIY-er who’s committed to doing their best work can most certainly paint a fence on his own. Here’s the way to go about it. Begin by removing staples, screws, and nails that could be littering your fence. They’ll get in the way while you’re painting and will make the end result not loo as nice. Clean your fence with a wood cleaning solution and sand it down so the surface is nice, smooth and even. Now you can get started on painting!

Process For Staining Wood Fences

Give your fence a good once over. Take out any little nails or screws that could get in the way of the staining process. Sand your fence and clean it. You want a smooth surface that is free from debris, dirt, and dust. Now that everything is all clean, saturate your fence with an even coat of stain using a sprayer, roller or four inch brush. Stroke and back brush along the grain of the fence, and be sure to use a good amount of stain. That’s what the bucket is for after all!

Professional Tips For Painting And Staining.

Our crew at Fence Builders of Las Vegas are experts at fence painting and staining in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have a few tips to help your painting and staining go right. First, make sure that you protect areas around your fence from over spray. Do this by covering the areas in cardboard or by using a drop cloth. You can also have someone hold up a tarp if you’re spraying a fence that has spacing between the slats.

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