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Although there are many fence companies in Las Vegas, no company will leave you with the quality and satisfaction that Las Vegas Fence Builders will. We’re the best because we really care about the quality of the work we do and the customer service that we provide. Our clients always feel completely satisfied after getting a job done by our top-rated Vegas fence company. We really care about what you think about us, and that’s while we’ll always do our best work. Whether you’re thinking of getting a fence made of iron, PVC, wood, or chain link, our Las Vegas, NV fence contractors will use only top-quality materials for your fence installation or repair. Although we are a top Las Vegas fence company, we won’t treat you like a business. You are a cherished customer, and we’re committed to listening closely to your needs and executing them with skill and precision. So get a fence installed or repaired with us today – we’re sure to please.

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If you are in need of a trusted professional to help you with a fence installation for your property, you should know that we are the best rated experience. When our fence contractors visit you for a proper installation job, they are there to help you get the best experience possible. This means, not only do they put in all the effort necessary for the job, but they also give you a fence that will last you for years more than just a typical result from a different company.

Get the best for your property by choosing us. Our customers get the benefit of an increased property value from choosing to us as their Las Vegas fence installers. Make the best choice for your home or business today, by giving us a call and requesting help for your project!




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Out of all fence companies in Las Vegas, we’re one of the tops. But that didn’t happen overnight. We’re an established business that’s been around long enough to know the ins and outs, and the rights and wrongs of Vegas fence repair and installation. Being the best in the business definitely doesn’t come from getting satisfied and complacent with your own efforts. Our top Las Vegas, NV fence contractors always keep up to date with the latest techniques and materials involved with fence repair and installation. To do the best work means working with only top-quality materials and working with them well. To set ourselves apart as a five-star Vegas fencing company means always focusing on the little details that turn an okay fence job into a memorable one.  The kind of fence you want is a fence built by professional fence contractors who will put up a long-lasting fence that will adorn and protect your home or business. That’s the kind of fence our fence company in Las Vegas, Nevada want to build for you.

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Fence installation and repair in Las Vegas is a competitive market. There are only so many residences and commercial properties that need fencing, and every fence company in town wants a piece of the action. It almost seems like they’ll promise anything for your business. Well, out experienced Las Vegas fence company doesn’t work that way. We use our experience and consistent good work to do the talking for us. Sturdy, reliable fencing, careful and specialized repair, and great customer service are all reasons why our clientele keeps coming back. We never try to cut costs by using less than top-quality materials. And we’ll never overcharge you because of our own sluggish work pace. Our professional Las Vegas contractors work quickly and efficiently to give you a job that gets done fast and lasts a long time. You’ll never be concerned about a fence that doesn’t offer proper security or does so while looking less than presentable. Our fences double as providers of security and pure aesthetic appeal. Our fence company charges less for the best of both worlds in Vegas fence installation and repair. So if the choice wasn’t clear, it is now: go with us for your next job.

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Those white picket fences in the movies always enticed me, how about you? Did you dream of living in that beautiful house with a gorgeous white picket fence around it? Or maybe it was an iron fence that protected your home and/or business. Las Vegas, NV fencing installation company for wood, PVC, iron, chain link fence can give you just that, wood, iron, chain link or PVC! We are one of the best fence companies in Las Vegas for a multitude of reason, but one of them is that we care about you. We don’t want to just barge onto your residential or commercial property and slap down a fence! We want to sit down with you, hear what you want and how we can bring you a fence that brings you both joy and security. You can expect when the best fencing contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada come to your home and/or business that we will only bring the best. The best materials, the best installation process, and the best customer service; how’s that for the top-rated fence installation company in Las Vegas?

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A pool can be the best part of your home, especially on those super-hot days. However, a pool can also be a source of fear if you have children or, quite frankly, if you or anyone just happens to not be paying complete attention one day. Las Vegas, NV fence company does not want this to happen to you; and that’s why we provide you with the best pool fencing around! We can come by and install a beautiful high-quality custom pool fence that has a self-closing and/or self-locking gate! That is really a weight of you back and peace of mind added when you don’t have to worry about if you left the pool gate open or if a curious little one can get inside somewhere they don’t need to be! Las Vegas, NV fencing installation company for wood, iron, PVC, chain link fences can give you a pool fence that not only keeps you and others safe but is also quite stylish. You know that having a pool fence is a good idea and it will keep everyone safe… but gosh, it’s so ugly and it will clash with everything else you have had done so far! Well, not when you go with the top rated fence installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can promise to give you a pool fence that is beautiful, high quality and cost-effective. Also, being the best fence company in Las Vegas, NV, we will also come and repair your fence and neutralize and problems that may be arising!


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When you get your fence done by a fence company in Las Vegas, NV that isn’t us it shows… very badly. See, they may cover up the fact that they aren’t using high-quality materials with a little paint and a possible lack of knowledge on your part. Then you need to get your fence repaired two weeks after it was installed because a Norway rat was able to bend your iron bars and slip onto the property. We are one of the best fencing companies in Las Vegas, NV because we will install your fence perfectly the first time. However, even we can’t stop nature and time; so fence repair is inevitable. (We can stop it from happening as quickly as two weeks though, don’t worry.) Our fence contractors in Las Vegas will not slap a patch on the job and call it finished! We will work carefully with our grade A materials and fix any issues. Aside from that, we will carefully search all over your commercial or residential fence to see if any other issues are slowly sneaking up on you like the common cold. We will then fix those problems as well and also offer you advice on how to prevent the problems or at least hold them off for a lot longer!


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If you want to avoid the unease that comes with hiring a labor worker whose ability is questionable, go with the best in the first place with Las Vegas Fence Builders. Our top fence installation and repair company want to give you a worry-free experience. Go with us for your automatic gate repair and installations. Installing a gate with all of the fixings can take a hit to the budget. Don’t spend more than you need to with lousy workers who couldn’t care less. Rather, put your trust in experienced Vegas fence contractors who have a vast knowledge of the business and won’t cost you a dime more than is necessary. We’ll work well and we’ll work fast so you don’t have to pay extra labor costs. Our fence company is known for providing great customer service. We always know the answers to your fence repair and installation questions before you ask them.


Did you know that we serve customers all over the Las Vegas area? Yes, we can cover the whole city because we are placed in a great location that allows us to send out our expert fence contractors in Las Vegas to pretty much every spot out there. There are many landmarks nearby us. We are about 15 minutes away from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and then about 13 minutes away from the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you want some more insight as to how we get our fence contractors around everywhere, you can check out the additional driving instructions down below.

Directions from Carrol Shelby Museum: Head north toward S Arville St. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto S Arville St. Turn left onto W Hacienda Ave. Turn right onto S Valley View Blvd. Turn left onto W Sunset Rd. Continue straight to stay on W Sunset Rd. Turn left onto Windy Rd. Turn left onto W Teco Ave. Turn left. Destination will be on the left.

Directions from the Chinatown Plaza: Head north toward S Arville St. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto S Arville St. Turn right onto W Spring Mountain Rd. Turn right. Turn left.

Directions from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Head north toward S Arville St. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto S Arville St. Turn right onto W Tropicana Ave. Turn left onto Swenson St. Turn right onto E Harmon Ave. Turn left. Turn left.


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We think that providing quality service for our customers is more important than just getting the job done as soon as possible. Although we make sure our fence contractors are timely with their work, we never sacrifice the integrity of the construction for just a quick buck.

Reaching out to us for your fence project means that we you will get a hard working fence specialist that will make sure to provide you value out of your desired fence.

There is nothing better than a satisfied customer in our mind, which is why we believe we have been able to gather such great feedback from our past projects. When it comes to building a proper fence, there is nothing quite like a fence made by the Fence Builders of Las Vegas!

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