Things To Do In Las Vegas

We all know about the party side of Las Vegas. But what about the other things to do? What is there to do in Vegas for families and other visitors? Apparently, quite a bit! You can take a look at the Fremont Street Experience’s lightshow, visit a museum such as the Mob Museum or the Neon Museum, or maybe take a walk at Red Rock Canyon. There’s also the Hoover Dam, which you can see by bus tour and even by helicopter tour! You’ll be glad to tell your friends and family all about your awesome trip. 

Fremont Street

There’s a lot to do on Fremont Street! How does a Visa Vision light show with 12.5 million LED lamps and a 555,000-watt sound system sound? Stunning! There are also lots of other places to go and explore, like food stands, souvenir shops and the SlotZilla zip line that’s take you for a trip ten stories above where everyone else is walking.

Hoover Dam

You’ve probably heard of this place before. The Hoover Dam spans the Colorado River and the Black Canyon, which is right in between Nevada and Arizona.  It’s about 30 miles from Vegas, but the trip is well worth it. You’ll be met by a huge concrete dam which holds Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the U.S. The Hoover Dam plays a pivotal role in providing power to surrounding Nevada, California and Arizona – and it’s been doing so since 1935. It’s one of America’s landmarks, so you should definitely make some time to see it.

You can learn a lot more about the Hoover Dam at the Visitor Center. It costs $10 to explore, and it’s open everyday from nine to five. You’ll be able to enjoy a number of varying exhibits at the Exhibit Gallery, including an interactive model of a generator. The theater also features a film about the dam, educational for you and the kids. The observation area on the top floor is prime or photos, so make sure that you’ve got storage!

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Sixteen miles from Vegas lies the Red Rock National Conservation Area, and it’s a great break away from the bright hubbub that defines Vegas normally. You can take the thirteen mile car route through the scenic desert, or you can stretch your legs for a memorable hike. It doesn’t matter how you opt for exploring the park – the signature red hills of the Mojave Desert will be all around you.

Okay, a thirteen mile hike is a bit extreme for beginners. Be sure to plan your hike beforehand and don’t overdo it. Bring a map and pay careful attention to keeping on trail. It’s still a desert, even if it charges admission. If you’re not one for reckless adventure some of the city’s best tours will be at your disposal. Bring water and make sure you pack sunscreen. It’s no joke out here in the Mojave! But it’s still a worthwhile trip to make in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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