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Fence Builders of Las Vegas is one of the best fence companies to call on for a new automatic gate to be installed on your property. We are more than happy to come onto your commercial or residential property an install an automatic gate! We have the best fencing contractors in Las Vegas because they know what they are doing and they work with only top materials. Your automatic gate installation will go as smoothly as it will slide open! If you can’t trust the top rated fence installation company in Las Vegas, who can you trust?


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If your priority is security then you can’t have a better option than an automatic gate. Our fence contractors in Las Vegas understand your want for an automatic gate that actually… you know, works. If you hire a different fence company in Las Vegas, you may end up with an automatic fence that works… then doesn’t. Then you will have to pay thousands in repairs and overall bad service. How about instead of doing that, you go with a company that cares about the safety of your commercial or residential property as much as you do? Fence Builders of Las Vegas is a highly rated fence installation company for wood, PVC, iron, chain link fences and automatic gates as well! Automatic gates add so much security to your property because you can add alarms and a surveillance system as well!


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Not only is an automatic gate a chic addition to any home or business, it also makes anyone thinking about trespassing… think again. If you get your automatic gate installed by the best fencing contractors in Las Vegas, NV, you will never have to worry about your gate malfunctioning or breaks down suddenly. We are a top rated fence installation company in Las Vegas, NV because we know how to install an automatic gate right; you won’t be wondering why it is hovering a few inches off the ground, or why it just is not working. You will also never look at it and think it looks cheap; because if you think it looks cheap, so will the people trying to get on your property. That is why we only use the highest quality materials!

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We get it, spending a lot of money can be physically painful. Do you know what else is physically painful? When you realize someone that wasn’t you or someone you allowed was on your property, in your business or in your house. It may be a bit of a cost, but what is money when your life and safety is concerned? Also, if anything happens to your gate, we can come right down and repair it in a snap! Stop waiting and wondering, it’s time to get the top-rated fence installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada to install your automatic fence.

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