What Is The Best Fence To Choose For My Property?

Fences are a great addition to a home because of the various things they add to it. I’m so glad to see that you are considering getting a fence because not having one is very strange. Fences add so much value to your home in terms of privacy, protection, and style. With that in mind, there are a few questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to backyard fences. You have to decide what your priority is. Is it safety, privacy, or style? You also need to know how much work you are willing to put in for your fence. Once you can answer those questions, then you will certainly know which fence to choose from!

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Want Privacy?

The best fences for privacy are vinyl and wood fences. Because these fences can be made into privacy fences, they are definitely the ideal fence for… well, privacy. I suppose it really is all in a name. Now, while wood and vinyl are the best types of fences for privacy, the amount of work each requires are on complete opposite poles. While a vinyl fence can virtually take care of itself, a wood fence requires a lot, and I mean a lot of maintenance. You have to constantly stain it or paint it, sand it, remove any wet leaves, power wash it, etc. A vinyl fence really only requires a spray with water and a wipe down every once in a while when it starts to look really bad. So, if you are looking for privacy but low maintenance, go for vinyl. If you want privacy but the ability to express yourself (Or the HOA told you to get it), go for wood.

Want Security?

Fences in general provide security because they deter the common criminal. However, the best fence to get for some extra security is a fence made from aluminum or wrought iron. Both fence types look quite similar except aluminum is more flexible than wrought iron. These fence types both require a bit of upkeep to stay looking fresh and new, so keep that in mind if you are the type of person that doesn’t like to do a lot of work on maintenance.

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Want Style?

Honestly, this really does just depend on personal preference. There are a lot of different fence types to choose from but the look you are going for is really going to determine the type that you get. You can always get help to any fence installation company like the fence installation company in Las Vegas, NV. If you want a very royal, don’t come near look, aluminum or wrought iron will do the job just fine. If you want a fence that looks like wood without the trouble of wood, get vinyl. If you want to be able to express yourself freely through splashes of paint and sharpie markers, go for wood.

Now you may be wondering why we didn’t go for chain-link fences. Well, that is because chain-link fences actually lower the value of your home and before you sell your home, you are going to need to replace it.

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