What Kind of Fence Should I Get For My Dog

Installing A Fence That Fits Your Dog

It’s so important to keep our dogs from getting lost. Who wants to lose their dog? No one I know! It’s really bad to lose your dog. If you install a fence that’s meant to keep your dog in, you’ll reduce the chance for an escape that will upset the entire family. So get a fence installed that will keep your dog right where he belongs. Depending on your dog you’ll want to use different types of fencing, so take every factor into consideration before installation time comes! 

Fence Height And Spacing Determine The Fence For Your Dog

Big dogs that can jump high will easily escape if you don’t have a fence installed that can stop them. Big dogs aren’t going to shimmy through little holes, but they will jump if they know they have a chance. Six feet of fence height is recommended for larger dogs. Some dog breeds are known for jumping very high, so get an understanding of what your dog can do before making a solid decision on the type of fence you’re going to work

You don’t have to worry so much about small dogs getting over fences that are six feet high. Those little guys may try to go through the holes between your fence posts though! A good way to determine what spacing is best for your furry fella is to measure the spacing against your dog’s widest point. Many people add a layer of chain link fencing outside of their wooden fencing in order to give their dogs no way of getting into the streets. Good fences for keeping little dogs in the yard are privacy fences and chain link fences. A fence about four feet off the ground should be enough to keep your doggie in nice and safe. 

HOA Laws and Regulations Affect Fence Installation

Las Vegas Fence Builders handles all legalities regarding fence installation. We do this so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you’re going to attempt fence installation for your pup on your own, you’ll need to consider any HOA laws and regulations that are in place before you start the installation process. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s before getting started.

Your dog might get really loud and bark a lot when he’s in the yard. This may be because you have a fence with high visibility. Your pup sees a lot of things going on outside of his reach and he can’t interact with them. This causes him to fell frustration and for him to release that frustration by barking a whole bunch. Get a fence like a privacy fence in vinyl or wood so your dog isn’t bothered by the outside world anymore.

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