How to Clean a Vinyl/PVC Fence

Cleaning Vinyl Fences Is Important

Many homeowners choose a vinyl fence because it’s such a great and convenient choice for low maintenance fencing. Vinyl fences are inexpensive, which is great if you want to save money. Who doesn’t want to do that? Vinyl has a lot going for it. It’s plastic, which makes it resistant to fire, weather and damage. Your vinyl fence won’t ask for much; just a wash down every once in a while with soapy water. Failing to do this can make your vinyl fence quite unhappy. Who could be happy when they’re covered in mildew, mold, water stains and red iron stains? Not me? By cleaning your fence on a consistent basis, you’ll keep it from developing tough stains like these.

Different Ways To Clean Vinyl Fences

Cleaning your fence for the simple weekly wash is a breeze. Just hose your vinyl fence down with water. That should be enough to stop any tough stains from developing. If you see any spots that are a little tougher to get out, just give the m a wipe with soapy water. That should be more than enough for the weekly maintenance. Things can escalate if you don’t properly care for your fence though.

For a tougher clean on your vinyl fence, some elbow grease may be involved. Get your tools together first. Grab a bucket and fill it with one part detergent to five parts water. You’ll need a rag to wipe up and down your fence. Scrub any particularly rough parts with a mild abrasive. You don’t want to scratch your vinyl fence, do you? Make sure to pre wash your fence with a good run from the hose before doing this process for the best result!

Extremely grimy vinyl is a challenge. You’ll need to bring in the big boy tools this time around. Make a solution of one part bleach to twenty parts water. Get yourself a pump sprayer and spray that fence all over. Take your time and really give it a good, thorough spray. Don’t use a power washer, because the vinyl may not be able to take the sudden pressure. If this isn’t enough to clean your fence, try a chemical cleaner specifically made for cleaning vinyl.

Vinyl Fences in Las Vegas, NV.

The methods above should be enough to clean any vinyl fence. If you’re having trouble, or you just have a lot of land to cover, don’t be afraid to lean on the help of a professional. We provide excellent fencing services and we’re always glad to lend a hand to our clients and customers. Vinyl fencing is a great, all-purpose fence that’s easy to maintain – just clean it up every once in a while. If you decide that vinyl isn’t the fence for you anymore, Las Vegas Fence Builders would be more than happy to install a new one on your property. Call us today for a free estimate and let’s get started on your vinyl fence right now!

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