How Weather Can Affect Your Fence

Weather Affects Our Fences

The weather plays a large role in the things we do and how we do about doing them. We won’t head to the beach on a rainy day, and who wants to have a pool party in the middle of winter. Fences are affected by the weather just as much as we are. Fences can get damaged after being exposed to weather for a while, so take measures that protect your fence from the perils of Mother Nature. There are some fence materials that are resistant to the weather almost entirely, so look into those if you really care about weather resistance

Weather Affects Fences In Different Ways

Wood fences definitely do not like the weather much at all. Wood is very much susceptible to rot, mold, mildew, moss and other kinds of weather damage. Wet leaves that are stirred up by the wind land on wooden fences sometimes. If they’re not cleaned off, the water on the leaves will begin to work toward rotting your precious wooden fence. Bugs sometimes like to make their homes in the small holes that are inside of your fences. Bugs like termites can eat your fence away! 

If weather damage is really a concern of yours, get a fence material that is very weather resistant. Aluminum and vinyl are materials like these. Vinyl is very flexible. When the heat expands it or when the cold contracts it, vinyl fences don’t lose their integrity. Aluminum is a metal fencing material that is rust-proof and weather – proof. Aluminum can be customized to look very decorative, so you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for utility.

Protect Your Wood Fence From Weather

Because your wood fence is so affected by the weather, it’s a good idea to put some proofing in place so the life of your wood fence is extended as much as possible. One way to do this is by giving your wood fence a stain. Staining your fence can enhance its appearance, but that’s not all. A properly stained fence is more protected from the elements. Stains have a water resistant quality, so your fence is better off in its battle against water damage like rot, mold, moss and mildew. Give your fence a hand by cleaning it off when wet leaves stick to it after a storm. Branches that hang over your fence can fall and if left to its own devices, will encourage your fence to break down. So trim those branches!

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When you get a new fence installed, the journey isn’t over. It’s actually just begun. It’s your job as owner of that fence to do proper and timely maintenance on it to ensure that it lasts a long time. Just know that if you need any tips about fence maintenance, you can call our professional Las Vegas fence contractors for a helping hand. If you find that you’d like to start over completely, just call us for a free quote on five star fence installations.

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